Urbanista provides clear, fresh, high quality planning and design solutions and policy advice based on proven principles, research and deep knowledge of the urban and regional environment and what makes successful, sustainable places. 

We consistently deliver results for our clients on projects ranging from small developments to complex urban renewal involving established communities, from feasibility assessment to high-level policy and strategy advice.

By capturing opportunities, exploring options and implementing innovative approaches, we achieve the physical, environmental, social and economic goals set by our clients.

A key interest of ours is assisting Councils and others to respond to local and regional housing challenges through responsive strategies tailored to local conditions and opportunities.

A new NSW Local Government Housing Kit was recently developed by Urbanista to guide the preparation of Local Housing Strategies.
With a personal and client-focussed approach, we deliver integrated skills in:

  • Urban planning and design
  • Architecture and development
  • Urban renewal and housing
  • Disability housing
  • Law
  • Project management
  • Asset planning and appraisal
  • Urban policy and strategy
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Computer modelling for urban applications
  • Stakeholder communication and graphic presentation

Our expertise is complemented by a suite of feasibility and modelling tools to evaluate and illustrate development options.

Building on our experience in leading nationally significant housing, planning and urban renewal initiatives, we specialise in integrating the dimensions that create dynamic and healthy urban environments.


  • Planning & Development
  • Housing
  • Local Housing Strategie
  • Urban Renewal
  • Policy & Strategy
  • Feasibility & Modelling
  • Governance & Systems
  • Project Management

Projects & Publications


Our Approach

Panel Consultant
Capacity Building Program

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