Feasibility and Modelling

Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) Calculator and User Guide (NSW FACS)

Development and refinement of a two-part calculator for assessing: 
1) increases in value created through land use rezoning or increased FSR, and 
2) housing opportunities that can be created by capturing a portion of the uplift. 
Includes preparation of a plain English User Guide and user testing.

Housing Management and Ownership Options (NSW Federation of Housing Associations and a Major Sydney Council)

  • Analysis and modelling of social, financial and asset management costs / benefits of scenarios for development and management of affordable housing for options involving Community Housing Providers and Local Government.
  • Exploration of innovative options involving Council owned land and cash contributions in a mixed tenure model.

Various Development Projects:  Sydney Region and Surrounds

Planning advice, options identification / analysis and feasibility assessment

Interactive Housing Assessment

Development of a suite of tools to assist people to identify their housing requirements and to actively explore and refine options.  Models the cost impact of changes as they are made

Feasibility Modelling of Options for Affordable Housing in Sydney Metropolitan Sub-Region

Evaluation of impact on development feasibility of private housing 

Redfern/Waterloo Social Housing Acquisition Strategy 

Development of strategy for acquisition of replacement dwellings within the Local Government Area, including land and building asset assessments and outline of options to be investigated. 

Inner Metropolitan Region Spatial Analysis 

GIS analysis and data modelling to support broad-brush proposals. 

Redevelopment Study Rural NSW 

Desktop analysis, assessment of site redevelopment feasibility and generation of development options.

Redfern/Waterloo Renewal 

Formulation of integrated models incorporating urban design and economic feasibility as part of the Housing NSW response to the regeneration of Redfern Waterloo. 

Boarding House Financial Assistance Program 

Examination and formulation of incentives for boarding house program expansion in conjunction with implementation of Affordable Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009.

Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 

Financial modelling of feasibility and implementation of internet-based assessment tools for local government.

Community Housing Growth Options Study 

Investigation of options and associated financial modelling including support for preparation of a cost benefit analysis by KPMG

Financial analysis - National Affordable Housing Summit 

Direction and interpretation of a range of financial modelling work for both NSW Government clients and the National Affordable Housing Summit.



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