Planning and Development Projects

Structure Plan for Urban Renewal of Inner Metropolitan Region (under the Housing Affordability Fund)

Study of the planning context, opportunities, constraints, urban design and development potential


Urban Capacity Study for Urban Renewal of Inner Metropolitan Region

Study of the uplift potential of planning and urban renewal options

Housing Affordability Fund Project: Redfern Waterloo

Strategy and planning work associated with preparation of a Preliminary Master Plan including:     
  • Community Engagement and Capacity Building Framework
  • Community engagement support, including presentations, workshops, the development of materials explaining technical planning issues to the public at a Community Planning Expo
  • Preparation of a Concept Plan Vision Statement
  • Implementation of project-based file sharing/ information management system 

Redfern Waterloo: Development of Built Environment Plan 2 and Supporting Investigations

Strategic planning input to the Built Environment Plan (BEP2) guiding the regeneration of a 30 hectare area, including:
  • Planning, options generation, analysis and feasibility assessment as inputs to the planning framework
  • Drafting and editing of BEP2 text
  • Presentations to Ministerial and other workshops
  • Concept design, text and production of an information booklet explaining to tenants the renewal process, opportunities and how to have input to the process 

“Spotlight on Australia’s Capital Cities”

Expert review and advice for the Independent Audit of City Planning Systems undertaken by KPMG for the “Built Environment Meets Parliament” group comprising the Property Council of Australia, the Australian Institute of Architects, Consult Australia, the Planning Institute of Australia, and the Green Building Council Australia. 

Redevelopment Study Rural NSW

Desktop analysis, assessment of site redevelopment feasibility and generation of development options 

Policy and Planning Advice to State Housing Agency

  • Advice on planning matters and
  • Direction and review of planning research, proposals and submissions
  • Methodologies for assessing development capacity 

New Generation Boarding Houses

  • Planning advice and support including advocacy and guidance for the approval of New Generation Boarding Houses by Local Government
  • Submission to the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) 

Planning to Promote Affordable Housing

Development of framework for a high level government working group addressing:

  • Why adequate and affordable housing is needed to achieve sustainable communities
  • The role of the planning system in shaping housing provision and influencing affordable housing outcomes
  • Principles that could underpin a nationally consistent approach to the use of planning mechanisms to promote housing affordability
  • Possible components of a comprehensive framework 
  • Review of implementation progress and development of framework 

Planning for Affordable Housing for Manly and Warringah Councils

Study assessing local needs, planning mechanisms and opportunities to promote affordable housing in these Local Government Areas


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