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  • Genuine engagement with diverse stakeholders to promote successful outcomes  
  • Clear, concise communications targeted to the audience 
  • High-level capabilities in graphic presentation, message development and testing  

The importance of genuine and effective stakeholder communication is firmly recognised by Urbanista.  Without it, acceptable and successful solutions cannot be developed.    

Good communications start with the identification of key stakeholders, supported by clear information and a diversity of channels to distil issues and possible responses.  Targeted engagement is carried on throughout the life-cycle of a project.   

To aid communications with stakeholders and clients, Urbanista brings high-level capabilities in graphic presentation, message development and testing, combined with clear, concise written and oral expression.

We have used these skills in market sounding, resident engagement and capacity building, expert/peak liaison and high-level briefings, working with a diversity of stakeholders, ranging from community-based indigenous and tenant organisations, through to the private sector and all levels of government.   For maximum effectiveness, we utilise a range of approaches to convey information to our audiences and to support informed decisions.

Communications Projects


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